(Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021) – Saskatchewan-based tech startup Rivercity Innovations (RCI) is pleased to announce it has formed two key partner relationships in France as part of their planned entry into the European marketplace.  In October RCI partnered with the Toulouse based company, Kinéis, to use their satellite network for IoT connectivity coverage globally. In addition to this, RCI is now working with the Montpellier, FR based integrator, Synox, for bringing thier LoRa powered Cold Chain Monitoring system and GPS tracking sensors to France. These new partnerships are the result of a Government of Canada Virtual Trade Mission to France which RCI participated in during May of 2021, alongside company efforts to access the European LoRa network infrastructure.


RCI created three new positions at their office for developing the satellite technology and for managing their European market development.  This development will advance their future plans to launch hybrid LoRa and Satellite powered solutions for their current products, along with new products to be developed in 2022 using the new Kinéis nano satellite constellation.


As part of the partnership with Synox, RCI is now capable of delivering the Synox solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Energy across Canada. This partnership is under a 3-year exclusive agreement between Synox and RCI. This will further enable RCI to provide comprehensive IoT solutions to their clients where requested.


Jeff Shirley, CEO of RCI states “Europe has a fully developed LoRa network encompassing wide coverage geographically of both cities and rural areas. Their need for IoT solutions is directly aligned with our company’s proven development and solution delivery capabilities. Through these two new partners we are able to not only provide coverage in remote areas worldwide thanks to Kinéis, but also deliver solutions that use the Orange and Bouygues LoRa networks in France in dense population areas or indoor locations where satellite may not be the best choice thanks to our partnership with Synox. By introducing the option for automatically switching to using satellite or LoRa we can now deliver solutions for cases such as transoceanic freight tracking or remote area telemetry.  This same capability will be very valuable in countries like Canada for our mining, oil and gas, and agricultural IoT needs. The large geographical terrain of Canada will have full IoT coverage using our sensors backed by the Kinéis satellite network, at costs more in range with our LoRa solutions.”


Media Inquiries Contacts:

Jeff Shirley
Founder and CEO, Rivercity Innovations
Phone: 306-380-6330  |  Email: jeff@rivercityinnovations.ca 






Saskatoon-based Rivercity Innovations builds world-class sensors for IoT solutions, including Cold Chain Monitoring, GPS, temperature, moisture, humidity, and other business required data. RCI is known for their expertise on LoRa and sensor engineering. Its existing client solutions include everything from refrigerator monitoring for pharmacies and grocery stores, GPS tracking, and environmental monitoring for commercial property owners or vacant unit monitoring. Rivercity Innovations (RCI) recently closed a CAD $700,000 seed round, led by Conexus Venture Capital Inc. with support from Golden Opportunities Fund and Tribune Capital. To learn more about Rivercity Innovations, visit www.rivercityinnovations.ca 




Kinéis is a satellite operator based in Toulouse, France partially owned by the CNES (French Space Agency). They operate a satellite network of 8 satellites and are launching 25 new nano satellites for IoT service delivery. To learn more, visit www.kineis.com 



Synox is an IoT solutions integrator based in Montpellier, France.  Synox offers smart solutions for cities, buildings, energy, environment, and other IoT services. Their solutions are used across Europe, and their business provides clients access to LoRa networks in France and other countries. To learn more, visit www.synox.io