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Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring for Grocery Stores

Product loss due to power outages or missed temperature readings could cost your business thousands of dollars. Avoid food waste and stay protected with our 24/7 temperature monitoring solution. 

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Our Automated Temperature Monitoring System provides accurate temperature and humidity data for your grocery store to ensure food safety and prevent unnecessary food waste.


Save on Food Waste

Stop losing money and inventory when your coolers fail, or doors are left ajar.  Receive alerts whenever temperatures exceed safety thresholds instead.

Optimize Labour Time & Cost

Eliminate manual monitoring and give time back to your employees. Reallocate time and effort to boost productivity and enhance customer service.

Improve Safety Compliance

Stay informed outside regular hours of operation with 24/7 temperature monitoring to protect your customers and reputation. 

Detect Cooler Failure Early

Our system predicts and prevents cooler failures so you can avoid uninsured product losses and minimize cooler down-times 

Upgrade to Automated Temperature Monitoring

Explore ways RCI can help improve food safety and labour efficiency for your business

Prevent Product Loss

Our system alerts you to unsafe temperatures before they cause spoilage. Receive text, phone call, and email notifications for multiple users. 

Improve Visibility

Receive real-time data frequently and automatically to mitigate food safety risks and stay in-the-know from anywhere!  

Gain Actionable Insights

Know exactly how long temperature changes occur for. Use automatic data-reporting to stay on top of quality control and food safety requirements.  

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Many grocery stores monitor their cooler and freezer temperatures manually by pen & paper or temperature gun. Temperatures are often recorded incorrectly or missed altogether. Without the accuracy of automated sensors, these stores suffer from greater food safety risk and a lack of insights once cooler breaks do occur.

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See RCI’s Automated Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System improve safety compliance and profitability for a Saskatchewan grocery store.


Early Catastophic Failure Detection can detect failures in your appliances before it is too late!


Simple setup for instant 24/7 data monitoring

Wireless Sensor

Install our wireless sensor in less than 1 minute and have it last up to 10-years!


LoRa Gateway

A strong, secure connection to transfer data over long-range distances.


Cloud Dashboard

No installation required! Access data from anywhere in real-time.

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