Beat the Heat.

Automated Temperature Monitoring for Grocers, Pharmacies, and Food Services.

Temperatures checked every 1-minute, 24 hours a day. Sleep easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Our Automated Temperature Monitoring solution provides accurate data for your grocery store, pharmacy or restaurant to prevent food waste and monitor cooler performance, reducing your carbon footprint.

When equipment fails, receive instant alerts to prevent losses. Temperature data is stored electronically for compliance reporting. Schedule reports to email to you and your team automatically.

What does just ONE COOLER LOSS cost you?


Prevent Food Waste

Stop losing money and inventory when your coolers fail, or doors are left ajar.  Receive alerts whenever temperatures exceed safety thresholds instead. Improve sustainability.

Optimize Labour Time & Cost

Eliminate manual monitoring and give time back to your employees. Reallocate time and effort to boost productivity and enhance customer service.

Digitize Safety Compliance

Stay informed outside regular hours of operation with 24/7 temperature monitoring to protect your customers and reputation. Data is recorded for years, providing a trail for audits.

Early Catastrophic Failure Detection

Predict compressor failures using our powerful software. Receive alerts to work with your refrigeration technicians and prevent total losses.  

Automate Compliance Data and Reports

Grocery stores monitor cooler and freezer temperatures manually by health authority and federal regulations. Temperatures are often recorded incorrectly or missed all together. Without automation, loss risk increases and mechanical issues that cause catastrophic failures are hidden until it is too late.

7Shifts Integrated Monitoring for Restaurants

Monitor your restaurant refridgeration and freezers automatically. Fully integrates with 7Shifts Restaurant Management Software Log Book. Receive alerts via 7Shifts dashboard and our solution.


Choose Yearly, save up to 15%!

Small Restaurant
Up to 3 zones
Includes 3 sensors and 1 gateway *
Medium Restaurant
Up to 5 zones
Includes 5 sensors and 1 gateway *
Large Restaurant
Up to 8 zones
Includes 8 sensors and 1 gateway *
Monthly Yearly
Up to 3 sensors
5 Sensors
8 Sensors


Deploy an entire store in 1 hour. No wiring or Wifi needed. Available worldwide in English, French, and Spanish.

TxH Temperature Sensor

Wireless Sensor

Install our TxH sensor in less than 1 minute. 10-yr battery life, no WiFi passwords, no wires, magnetic or screw install. Available in black or white.

LoRa Gateway

Each site gets 1 LoRa gateway for 1000’s of connected sensors. Use ethernet OR cellular backhaul to send the temperature data to your app.

Dashboard and App

Your entire organization data available in our app, with automated reports and alerts reducing your losses.