Strategic Partners

Kineis Satellites

French IoT satellite operator for CLS, located in Toulouse, France. Through a virtual trade mission between the Government of Canada and France during COVID, Rivercity partnered with Kineis to develop a world first Hybrid satellite and LoRa sensor which can provide GPS and temperature data to our clients. Our sensor is called the RKX.

The Kineis satellites launch June 2024. Their IoT satellites will enable Rivercity Innovations to deliver temperature and GPS tracking data to our clients ANYWHERE on the planet. Unlike conventional satellites, the Kineis satellites are polar orbiting and known for their high quality and long lifetime.

In 2023 Rivercity and Wanzl aligned to manufacture a new IoT device for tracking shopping carts. Our proven experience with GPS data and LoRa sensors has resulted in a new product for businesses with carts, including grocery stores.

Wanzl is a German company, with cart manufacturing facilities across the globe. They control 96% of the market in Europe, and 52% of the market in North America. Our new sensor will be launched on April 22nd, in Vancouver, BC at the Grocery Specialty Foods show. Look for it being available in Q3 from Wanzl distributors world wide.

In 2021 the major telecom SaskTel partnered with Rivercity Innovations aligned around Smart City tech, LoRa network support, and deploying our sensors in the province of Saskatchewan. 

SaskTel continues to work with Rivercity on IoT solutions using our sensors, and enables Rivercity to bring value to the people of Saskatchewan on not only cold chain monitoring but also GPS tracking. While we have our own private LoRa network, SaskTel also has a LoRa network that we can deploy our sensors on.


In 2023 Rivercity Innovations partnered with the renown world leader in restaurant management software, 7Shifts. Coincidentally, both of our companies are headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

Rivercity’s TxH sensors are fully integrated with the 7Shifts software feature called Manager’s Log Book. They alert restaurant managers about temperature problems in their coolers and freezers, both from our app AND the 7Shifts electronic logs. This results in food loss prevention and reduced risk to their clients related to temperature failures. Our solution automates their temperature data collection requirements for healthy authorities, reducing staff time wasted on manual processes.