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 Your expert  LoRa Solution Provider, innovating emerging network solutions and consumer LoRa products for our clients worldwide.  Rivercity Innovations operates a carrier grade LoRaWAN network in Canada, where it is a preferred choice of enterprise businesses and goverment for innovative solutions powered by LoRa and LTE-M.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of corporate equipment, trailers, atv’s, bikes, beehives, small fleets, or other high theft risk assets.


LoRa solutions tailored around corporate, government, or private needs.  Custom hardware manufacturer.


Soil moisture monitoring, weather data collection, temperature monitors, equipment location.


Through equipment tracking and our app, notify law enforcement of stolen equipment for safe recovery.

Rural Crime Initiative

Rivercity Innovations was the inaugural winner of the Innovation Saskatchewan Rural Crime Challenge, in conjunction with Innovation Saskatchewan and the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections and Policing. Our LoRa and cellular asset trackers are just one example of how we reduce rural and urban crime.

BeeSecure was recently featured in an article titled Experience with the MIST Program: Rivercity Innovations

What is Lora?

LoRa is a long-range low power emerging communication technology. LoRa Devices connect to gateways, much like how cell phones connect to towers, and they transmit data through these gateways to an end application. The devices can transmit to gateways up to 50 km away in flat rural areas, or up to 2 km in urban locations. 




BeeSecure is an award-winning equipment tracking solution using both LoRa and cellular networks. GPS tracking, asset mapping, geofencing, notification to law enforcement, up to 3 year battery life, and Canadian weather rated are just some of our powerful unique features. BeeSecure is currently available for use in over 160 countries, and has large scale deployments with municipal governments in Canada.  There are four core industries served by BeeSecure:  Equipment, Apiaries, Bikes, and Monitoring.

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