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We operate a carrier grade LoRaWAN network across Saskatchewan to enable low cost solutions for security, smart agriculture, and smart city applications.

Asset Tracking

Track the location of your valuables and be alerted when they are on the move or after they leave a specified location

Smart City

Decrease expenses and wasted valuable time while increasing potential revenue with countless smart city applications

Smart Agriculture

Maximize your return on investment with livestock tracking, soil moisture sensors, grain bin temperature sensors, and much more


Track lone workers in dangerous environments with no cellular coverage

Rural Crime Initiative

RCI was created through Saskatchewan’s Rural Crime Innovation Challenge in conjunction with Innovation Saskatchewan and the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections and Policing. Our asset tracker is the first step in reducing rural crime in Saskatchewan

What is Lora?

LoRa is a long-range low power communication technology. Devices connect to gateways, much like how cell phones connect to towers, and they transmit data through these gateways to an end application. The devices can transmit to gateways up to 15 km away in rural areas, and 2 km in cities and the devices can last for years on a single battery. LoRa allows devices to be much cheaper and last longer without needing to replace batteries compared to cellular




BeeSecure is an award-winning asset tracking technology, with the ability to follow your belongings wherever they may go. Track anything via GPS coordinates, flag your assets as stolen when they go missing, and share the data with law enforcement if you choose. Our device has been tested in temperatures as low as -40°C with no grid power or wifi connection to make sure it works in the most remote areas with the harshest climates. BeeSecure is currently available for use in over 160 countries.


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