Rivercity Innovations

Your expert LoRa Solution Provider, innovating emerging network solutions and consumer LoRa products for our clients worldwide.  Rivercity Innovations operates a carrier grade LoRaWAN network in Canada, where it is a preferred choice of enterprise businesses and goverment for innovative solutions powered by LoRa and LTE-M.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of corporate equipment, trailers, atv’s, bikes, beehives, small fleets, or other high theft risk assets.

Lora solutions

LoRa solutions tailored around corporate, government, or private needs.  Custom hardware manufacturer.

Temperature monitoring

Monitor temperature and create a safe work environment. Also, we provide other environmental monitoring like soil moisture monitoring, weather data collection, and equipment location.

theft prevention

Through equipment tracking and our app, notify law enforcement of stolen equipment for safe recovery.

Lora & lorawan

What's LoRa?

LoRa is a long-range low power emerging communication technology. LoRa Devices connect to gateways, much like how cell phones connect to towers, and they transmit data through these gateways to an end application. The devices can transmit to gateways up to 30 km away in flat rural areas, or up to 2 km in urban locations. Think of it as a wireless network, but instead of covering a few hundred feet you can cover many kilometers and tens of thousands of devices in one area with just one central point.

Are you ready to benefit from LoRa?


Devices & Solutions

LoRa GPS Tracker

LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

Introducing the world’s smallest LoRa GPS tracker that can be used to track everything from bikes and pets to expensive equipment. Rechargeable with a battery life of 6-12 months, and works to -40 C. Our app is compatible with all devices and operating systems.


Data Monitoring

Custom Data Monitoring solutions

Custom solutions to monitor data you need including temperature, humidity, tank levels, doors, GPS, soil moisture, and more. With our talented team and advanced LoRa technology, we are able to deliver solutions tailored to your budget with better performance and ROI compared to conventional Bluetooth/WiFi technology.


Custom LoRa solution

Case Scenarios

Our clients include enterprise, government, B2B, and consumers. Contact us for industry specific examples such as commercial property monitoring, cold-chain temperature monitoring, ag-tech sensors, and custom LoRa sensor builds modelled on client specifications for their data needs. We can also white label our solutions for your business needs.


Services We Offer

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Our consulting services will help you determine what LoRa solutions is best for your business/organization.

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Custom Designed Sensors

We provide custom designed sensors to monitor data you need.

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Custom Data Monitoring Solutions

We provide complete sensor solutions to monitor all aspects of your business.

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Customized Dashboard, App and Software

We provide complete sensor solutions to monitor your data powered by LoRa and backed by custom designed dashboards, apps and software.

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Why Choose Us


IoT experts deliver beginning-to-end world class solutions with quality workmanship


Engineering and design team builds solutions tailored to your specific business need


Trusted and proven LoRa Solution Provider with support and warranty



Advanced technological experience and engineers who build better devices with leading edge features


Customized dashboards, apps, and software to support our solutions including multi-platform tools and cloud hosted monitoring solutions


Focused on giving back to the community