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Do you want to stop wasting expensive employee time, avoid costly spoilage and eliminate manual records for compliance purposes?


Are you tired of fixing frozen pipes and wasting money on unnecessary energy consumption? Leak detection and temperature monitoring sensors can reduce your organization's carbon footprint and lower your energy bills.


Does your organization struggle with monitoring the location or downtime of expensive moving assets?

customer sensor

Does your organization need a custom data monitoring solution? Our world-class engineers can create powerful LoRa sensors with applications designed for you.

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Innovative IoT Solutions for Businesses

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Featuring TxH.

Rivercity Innovations’ TxH Sensor is the latest innovation in temperature and humidity monitoring for grocery and convenience stores. The TxH system optimizes resource management by delivering consistent temperature readings for cold rooms and refrigerated areas. Our Cold Chain temperature monitoring solution also offers Early Catastrophic Failure Detection to catch equipment failure before it is too late!

LoRa Technology

Rivercity Innovations is your expert LoRa solution provider, innovating emerging network solutions and consumer LoRa products for our clients worldwide.  We operate a carrier grade LoRaWAN network in Canada, where it is a preferred choice of enterprise businesses and government for innovative solutions powered by LoRa and LTE-M.

No cellular coverage? We have a solution for that. Meet LoRa. It works much like cellular, except it uses much less power resulting in longer battery life, and it is cheaper to operate when you have many devices running on the network. LoRa devices, such as our LoRa asset trackers, communicate through LoRa gateways, much like how cell phones communicate through cell towers. LoRa devices can communicate with a gateway up to 2 km away in urban areas, and up to 30 km in rural areas!

Cost Savings

Much lower monthly fees

Low Power

Long battery life

Long Range

Longer connection range than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Put LoRa to work for you today!

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IoT experts deliver beginning-to-end world class solutions with quality workmanship


Engineering and design team builds solutions tailored to your specific business need


Trusted and proven LoRa Solution Provider with support and warranty


Advanced technological experience and engineers who build better devices with leading edge features


Customized dashboards, apps, and software to support our solutions including multi-platform tools and cloud hosted monitoring solutions


Focused on giving back to the community

Rivercity Innovations was awarded the 2021 SABEX Entrepreneurship Award. 

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