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Embrace our powerful IoT sensors to prevent costly food losses due to cooler failures, digitize your cold chain temperature data, and reduce staff time wasted. Typical ROI's in less than 5 months. CALL TODAY to request a Discovery Kit and see how our solution works for you!

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Keep your Supply Chain in order with GPS and Temperature data monitoring by RCI. We provide satellite and cellular tracking, with true global coverage. Perfect for construction, trans-oceanic freight, and last mile delivery! CALL US to start now.

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TxH Temperature Sensor

Featuring TxH. Our powerful IoT sensor for cold chain.

Temperature and humidity monitoring for grocery, restaurant, and pharmacy. The TxH sensor digitizes your compliance data by delivering automated temperature monitoring for drugs, cold rooms, coolers, freezers, and freight. Our Cold Chain temperature monitoring solution also offers Early Catastrophic Failure Detection to catch equipment failure before it is too late, preventing large losses and insurance claims. Last Mile Delivery tracking available as well for protecting your supply chain.

LoRa Technology – a true IoT Solution

Rivercity Innovations is a world-class IoT solution provider.  We operate a carrier grade LoRaWAN network in Canada, and work with multiple reknown LoRa network operators in Europe.

Using LoRa means no cellular fees, no SIM cards, longer battery life, and no WiFi passwords to manage. Our solutions for cold chain monitoring are encrypted end-to-end, and sustainable with a 10-year recyclable battery. Each site needs 1 gateway which can connect thousands of our sensors within a 1 km (.5 mile) coverage zone, including through walls and freezers. 

Cost Savings

save 80% on recurring fees

Low Power

Long battery life, sustainable

Long Range

up to 20x distance compared to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

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IoT experts deliver beginning-to-end world class solutions with quality workmanship


Engineering and design team builds solutions tailored to your specific business need


Trusted and proven LoRa Solution Provider with support and warranty


Advanced technological experience and engineers who build better devices with leading edge features


Customized dashboards, apps, and software to support our solutions including multi-platform tools and cloud hosted monitoring solutions


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