(Wednesday, June 8, 2022) – Rivercity Innovations Ltd. (RCI) is pleased to announce that its world-class IoT solutions are now compatible with the Helium Network. The Helium Network enables RCI’s LoRaWAN devices to operate in over 170 countries and 55,000 cities worldwide with fully functional support and activation.

RCI utilizes LoRaWAN technology in several offerings, including cold chain temperature monitoring and GPS tracking for asset protection. Thanks to the Helium Network and its global reach, RCI’s TxH temperature/humidity sensor and LYNX GPS tracker for pets and bicycles easily reach key markets in Canada, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Jeff Shirley, CEO of RCI, states,

“We are excited about our new relationship with Helium. Access to the Helium Network immediately increases the market we can sell to by removing the time and expense required to develop and deploy network connectivity. We have launched asset tracking solutions in consumer markets where Helium Network coverage is already available. Effective immediately, pre-orders for our LYNX GPS Pet and Bike Trackers are available on our BeeSecure website. As part of this new launch, we include a free 1-year app subscription for LYNX pre-orders on the Helium Network. This will allow our clients to test the GPS tracker in their area for performance and coverage. Our BeeSecure App is ready to use in English or French, and you can download it today on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.”


For media inquiries, contact:

Jeff Shirley
Founder and CEO, Rivercity Innovations
Phone: 1-306-380-6330  |  Email: jeff@rivercityinnovations.ca



Rivercity Innovations Ltd. (RCI) is an award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) provider specializing in LoRa and cellular technology for businesses and government entities. Backed by investments from Conexus Venture Capital Inc., RCI brings various IoT solutions to clients across North America and Europe, including cold chain temperature monitoring, environmental monitoring, vacant property monitoring, GPS tracking for bikes, pets, and corporate assets. Using LoRa technology, RCI revolutionizes the way businesses approach resource management for greater labour efficiency, quality control, and safety compliance. RCI recently closed a CAD 700,000 seed round, led by Conexus Venture Capital Inc. with support from Golden Opportunities Fund and Tribune Capital. To learn more about Rivercity Innovations, visit www.rivercityinnovations.ca.


The Helium Network is the fastest-growing decentralized wireless network, democratizing access to the internet worldwide. Launched in Austin, Texas, in 2019, the Network has since been deployed in over 64K cities, providing open-sourced and affordable coverage worldwide. IoT and network industry leaders including Actility, Senet, Kore, X-TELIA, and DISH use the Helium Network’s coverage for enterprise customers including Volvo Group, Cisco, Schneider Electric, Accenture, Olympus, One Planet, Hoopo, Invoxia, Victor, and others. More information can be found at helium.com.