Rivercity Innovations bringing their cold chain solution to major Canadian retailers Skip Express Lane and Healthy Planet

Saskatchewan-based tech startup Rivercity Innovations (RCI) is pleased to announce their IoT cold chain monitoring sensors and software have been chosen for use Canada wide by leading grocery delivery service company Skip Express Lane (a subsidiary of Skip the Dishes, acquired by Just Eat Takeaway), and the renown Ontario based healthy grocery retailer Healthy Planet.

RCI will be delivering its IoT based temperature monitoring services to these organizations to reduce food waste and provide data about temperature management in their cold chain. This includes monitoring not only the coolers and freezers in all their locations, but also monitoring Last Mile Delivery temperatures for Skip Express Lane. Adding RCI’s solution to their system results in less food loss through alerting not only about temperature failures, but also by our Early Catastrophic Failure Detection feature which predicts cooler failures due to mechanical issues averting costly losses on entire cooling systems in their stores. Additional benefits and features of RCI’s solution are automated digitization of food safety compliance data, improved food quality due to temperature control monitoring, and reduced staff time spent collecting data on temperature manually.

At a higher level, reducing and preventing food waste and optimizing energy usage of their coolers aligns with goals of supporting Sustainability under ESG, through operations and processes that help reduce their carbon footprint. This has been well documents as a goal by the United Nations for Sustainable Development (UN SDG-12 https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal12).

Jeff Shirley, CEO of RCI states “Working with Skip Express Lane and Healthy Planet’s teams has led to awareness about how we can bring not only reduced food waste to their organizations, but also how these two amazing companies also focus on healthy choices for the environment and are aware of sustainability and the environmental impact of their businesses. Being able to bring value to them beyond the normal temperature and humidity data for cold chain which will lead to reducing their carbon footprint as a grocer, is an important part of our business thesis. Preventing food waste and the costs associated with that is of course a key value as well, with immediate financial benefit to our clients. I personally deployed their stores across Canada, met their amazing teams, and know we are preventing food waste that their conventional systems were not catching. This brings value to their operations and their clients.”

Rivercity Innovations delivers IoT solutions for cold chain monitoring of businesses including grocery, pharmacy, and restaurants. Our deployments include options for last mile delivery and GPS tracking with temperature. Rivercity manufactures the TxH sensor and proprietary cold chain monitoring solution.

For media inquiries, contact:

Jeff Shirley
Founder and CEO, Rivercity Innovations
Phone: 306-380-6330  |  Email: jeff@rivercityinnovations.ca



Saskatoon-based Rivercity Innovations builds world-class sensors for IoT solutions, including GPS, temperature, moisture, humidity, and other data, and is backed by investments from Conexus Venture Capital Inc. with support from Golden Opportunities Fund, Tribune Capital, and Startup TNT. It is known for its unique LoRa IoT solutions for industries requiring telemetry data. Our solutions are primarily focused on cold chain monitoring. RCI deploys sustainable temperature monitoring solutions to grocers, restaurants, and pharmacies across North America and Europe for cold storage alerts and reporting compliance for those businesses. To learn more about Rivercity Innovations, visit www.rivercityinnovations.ca


Skip Express Lane is a Grocery Delivery business with multiple locations across Canada. They are owned by Skip The Dishes, recently acquired by Just Eat Takeaway. They offer groceries, household goods, and have unique delivery options including Walmart-Now, Lego Store, Haagen-Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. To learn more about Skip Express Lane, visit https://www.skipthedishes.com/skip-express-lane


Healthy Planet is a major grocery retailer with over 40 locations, headquartered in Ontario. They offer a complete range of healthy lifestyle groceries and foods, supplements, and probiotics. To learn more about Healthy Planet, visit https://www.healthyplanetcanada.com.