(Wednesday, May 11, 2022) – Saskatchewan-based tech startup Rivercity Innovations Ltd. (RCI) has a new feature to offer BeeSecure clients seeking advanced theft protection. As of today, RCI is introducing 24-hour alarmed monitoring for properties, vehicles, and other assets secured by BeeSecure. 

The service is available for new and existing BeeSecure clients with cellular or LoRaWAN GPS trackers and property monitoring devices. Powered by SecurTek Monitoring Solutions Inc., this service enables alarmed monitoring for BeeSecure linked assets to prevent property damage caused by heating failures or burst pipes. BeeSecure App users receive an added layer of protection for their GPS tracked assets too, thanks to customizable alerts for GPS tracked assets leaving their assigned location(s). In addition to round-the-clock protection, RCI is utilizing the new service as an insurance incentive for users who receive reduced insurance rates on 24-hour monitored assets (such as homes, cabins, and luxury vehicles).   

Jeff Shirley, CEO of RCI, states,  

“We are excited to announce the launch of our 24-Hour alarmed monitoring service in the BeeSecure App for our Canadian clients. Using our geofence option, you can now have peace of mind that your emergency contacts, or even the police, will be notified in the event of a BeeSecure alarm. This is perfect for snowbirds travelling during winter who need to know that their house is protected from furnace failure or that their prized vehicle sitting in the garage has not been stolen. With the new BeeSecure 24-Hour alarmed monitoring service activated, our clients can now also apply for insurance company discounts on their policies, creating significant savings while better protecting their assets.” 

Currently, 24-hour monitoring services are available in Canada only, with the exception of Quebec.


For media inquiries, contact:

Jeff Shirley
Founder and CEO, Rivercity Innovations
Phone: 306-380-6330  |  Email: jeff@rivercityinnovations.ca 



Rivercity Innovations Ltd. (RCI) is an award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider specializing in LoRa and cellular technology for businesses and government entities. Backed by investments led by Conexus Venture Capital Inc., RCI brings various IoT solutions to clients across North America and Europe, including cold chain temperature monitoring, environmental monitoring, vacant property monitoring, and GPS tracking for bikes, pets, and corporate assets. Using LoRa technology, RCI revolutionizes the way businesses approach resource management for greater labour efficiency, quality control, and safety compliance. To learn more about Rivercity Innovations, visit www.rivercityinnovations.ca. 


BeeSecure is a product brand of Rivercity Innovations Ltd. BeeSecure offers LoRaWAN GPS trackers and temperature monitoring solutions to clients across North America who are seeking asset protection for their bikes, pets, and vehicles. To learn more about BeeSecure and its products, visit www.beesecure.ca.