Since the spring of 2018, Saskatchewan RCMP has been working in collaboration with Rivercity Innovations of Saskatoon to develop a new rural crime initiative called “BeeSecure” in the RM of Mayfield No. 406.

BeeSecure communicates through the Rivercity Innovations LoRa network and is designed to help police gather intelligence of where crimes happen in Saskatchewan. BeeSecure gives officers the ability to receive information in real time of the location of stolen property and its direction of travel. Officers are then able to pre-plan the interception and recovery of the stolen item.

So far, residents in RM of Mayfield who are using BeeSecure have reported no stolen assets.

A Rural Crime Innovation App was developed to give 911 dispatchers the ability to track stolen assets and direct police to the location of these stolen assets for a quick recovery. The app portal was tested in June with the Operational Communications Centre (OCC) in Regina and was successful. As long as the “sharing” option is enabled on items that were marked stolen, dispatchers could track these assets as it travels.

“By introducing additional, innovative tools to residents to protect their property, we are helping them feel safer in their homes and in their communities,” said Inspector Tammy Patterson, Officer in Charge of the Saskatchewan RCMP Crime Reduction/Crime Prevention Unit. “We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our partners like Innovation Saskatchewan and Rivercity Innovations of Saskatoon to work together to develop strategies to prevent crime and make the people of Saskatchewan feel safer.

Saskatchewan RCMP remain committed to partnering with communities to enhance and establish new community-based initiatives to enhance public safety.