Temperature Monitoring


Temperature and humidity monitoring for drug manufacturing and administration. Proper storage of medicines and other temperature sensitive products is important. Ensure the safety and the well-being of your customers. Set strict ranges for your data monitoring and receive 24/7 alerts to help manage the quality of your products and ensure that your assets are preserved.
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Are you looking for a better way to manage and protect temperature-sensitive products?

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Receive timely alerts to increase efficiency of business processes and prevent spoilage or product loss.


The TUNDRA temperature sensor effectively records and stores temperature and humidity levels.


Our system includes a customizable dashboard for easy data analysis.

What you need

  • One TUNDRA sensor for each cooler or appliance being monitored
  • One LoRa gateway for each store location. A gateway can cover a radius of over 1000 meters, and can handle thousands of devices.
  • Hardware is available FREE with 3-year monitoring contracts.

How it works

  • Mount the TUNDRA sensor inside your cooler. No holes need to be drilled, no wires are required.
  • Install the LoRa gateway by plugging it in.
  • The sensors are easily activated and available to see in your custom RCI dashboard. Data can be exported for compliance from the dashboard.
  • Log into your dashboard to set temperature alerts, contacts, users, and much more.
  • Contact our office to preorder a configuration for all your stores, with all devices pre-activated and users set up in advance.  Simply plug in the gateway, deploy your sensors, and monitor.

Our Live Customized Pharmacy Dashboard

Technical Specifications

TUNDRA Temperature Sensor is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal and consistent temperatures within cold rooms and refrigerated areas. Applications include food and pharmaceutical storage, where safeguarding the integrity, quality, and safety of products is vital. The device can be implemented within cold storage such as fridges, coolers, cold rooms and even freezers with minimal impact on battery life or radio signal strength. The Cold Room Temperature Sensor is seamlessly integrated with Rivercity Innovations’ end-to-end IoT solution.

General System Parameters:

Operational Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection IP67
Size 67 x 43 x 36 mm

C Cell

LoRa Parameters:

RF Power 15 dBm
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm (SF12, 125kHz)
ISM Band All Global ISM Bands


LoRa Device Class Class A

Regulatory Compliance:

Safety IEC 60950-1 (CE)
Regulatory ETSI EN 300 220
ETSI EN 301-489-1/-3
FCC 15.247 FCC 15.209

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