Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring for Pharmacies & Labs

Temperature-sensitive vaccines, medicines and samples have a high risk of spoilage. Investing in automatic temperature monitoring enhances compliance, reduces risk, and improves overall revenues.

Safeguarding the integrity, quality, and safety of temperature-sensitive products.

pharmacy cooler

Our Automated Temperature Monitoring System protects vaccine inventories and other temperature-sensitive products from unnoticed cold chain breaks. Enjoy greater accuracy and less effort with auto-reporting features through our online dashboard.

Our temperature sensors are pre-calibrated in a NIST-certified facility, and we are EN 12830 certified.


Prevent Product Loss

Get real-time ALERTS before it’s too late. Stay protected beyond regular hours of operation with 24/7/365 monitoring.

Detect Cooler Failure Early

Our system PREDICTS and prevents cooler failures so you can avoid uninsured product losses and minimize cooler down-times 

Save Money

Improve labour EFFICIENCY to boost productivity & customer service. See an annual return on investment from reduced costs & data-led efficiencies.

Improve Safety Compliance

Stay informed outside regular hours of operation with 24/7 temperature monitoring to PROTECT your customers and reputation. 

Upgrade to Automated Temperature Monitoring

Explore our LIVE easy-to-use cloud dashboard and see for yourself how our solution will enhance your business’s resource management!

Protect Your Brand

Improve safety practices to protect your customers, your community, and your reputation.

Strong Return On Investment

Achieve an ROI from reduced costs and data-led efficiencies. Benefit from  improved safety standards and better reporting compliance.

Reduce Your Risk

Strengthen compliance for insurance purposes and stay protected beyond regular hours of operation with 24/7/365 monitoring.

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Automated temperature monitoring gives you the freedom to go about your day untroubled by potential cooler malfunctions. With RCI’s system you receive real-time alerts when cooler temperatures fall outside safety thresholds. Stay in charge of your pharmacy by setting up automatic compliance reporting at the touch of a button!

View the Solution in Action!


Simple setup for instant 24/7 data monitoring

TxH Temperature Sensor

Wireless Sensor

Our temperature sensors are pre-calibrated in a NIST-certified facility.


LoRa Gateway

A strong, secure connection to transfer data over long-range distances.


Cloud Dashboard

No installation required! Access data from anywhere in real-time.

“We received an alert after hours which allowed us to move our medicines to another cooler, preventing the loss.”

– Current Client Organization

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