Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

An Automated Approach to Temperature Monitoring

RCI’s Automated Temperature Monitoring System wirelessly collects temperature and humidity data and instantly displays it through easy-to-read charts and diagrams on our online dashboard. Upgrade your system to improve temperature recording accuracy, streamline data reporting, and optimize labour efficiency. Our IoT solution has everything you need to save time and improve safety compliance.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your cold chain 24/7 and receive alerts whenever temperatures exceed safety thresholds

Automatic Readings

Receive temperature and humidity data in real time to enhance your business’s operating efficiencies

Paperless Reports

Make data analysis work for you with compliance reports at the touch of a button


Simple setup for instant 24/7 data monitoring

Wireless Sensor

Easily connect to any fridge, freezer, or cooler wirelessly


LoRa Gateway

Data is transmitted from the sensor to the gateway automatically


Cloud Dashboard

Data from the gateway sends over a secure internet connection to the online dashboard

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See how our clients gain real-time insights with 24/7 alerts, automatic compliance reporting, and more.

Solutions by Industry

Explore how RCI can help improve your business’s safety and efficiency

Grocery Stores

Save time with automated temperature data and 24/7 alerts

Pharmacies and Labs

Improve safety compliance and protect vaccine inventories

Restaurants & Food Service

Improve service quality with enhanced health and safety practices

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