Commercial Property Monitoring

Reduce your carbon footprint and use less energy.

Rivercity Innovations’ commercial property monitoring solution is designed for hotels, vacant rental properties and commercial office space. Our solution monitors indoor environment controls to help your business manage its carbon footprint and conserve energy. Monitor temperature, humidity, movement, open doors/windows, detect water leaks, etc. System characteristics include small sensors, easy setup, and a custom dashboard for 24/7 alerts and real-time data insights.
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Dealing with costly repairs, frozen pipes, and flooding? RCI’s SmartRoom sensors are a cost-effective solution to conserve energy use, keep bills low, and monitor vacant rooms to prevent damage.

Commercial Rental Properties

Struggling to keep tabs on multiple vacant units? Stay informed with 24/7 leak detection and temperature alerts for easy, remote monitoring.

Office Spaces

Are you responsible for a commercial office space? Monitor your heating and cooling to reduce carbon footprint emissions.

The SmartRoom Property Monitoring Solution

Wireless sensors, easy setup, and a custom dashboard for real-time data insights.

Centre image shows RCI's online dashboard on a desktop and mobile screen. Grouped together is the SmartRoom Sensor, a small, white, square device. Surrounding the image is text that reads: conserve energy, automated alerts, remote monitoring, reduce carbon footprint, prevent severe damage, simple installation with small icons beside each phrase.

24/7 Temperature Monitoring

Receive automated temperature alerts to improve safety and prevent frozen water lines.

Leak Detection

Receive alerts at the first sign of a leaking pipe and avoid severe damage to expensive infrastructure.

Door and Window Security

Monitor the open/closed status of your building’s windows and doors.

Motion Detection

Stay informed of any unauthorized movement inside vacant properties.

Humidity Monitoring

Monitor  and maintain optimal humidity levels.

Are you losing money on unnecessary energy consumption?

Leak detection and temperature monitoring sensors can reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and help with energy conservation.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Big Block Construction (BBC) implemented SmartRoom Sensors into their latest build to monitor inconsistencies in their heating system. Now, the project is regarded as one of North America’s most sustainable Métis Elders lodges

Using SmartRoom Sensors, BBC reduced the lodge’s carbon footprint and improved heating efficiency. RCI’s property monitoring solution provided BBC with the crucial data needed to drive decisions and gave them time to focus on their #1 priority, the health and comfort of their clients. Check out their latest projects here.

Poor workplace air quality can have a negative effect on employee performance.

Check out our Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution!

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