Property Monitoring


Our solutions are here to help you manage and monitor your property. Keep track of your main residence or monitor rental assets. With our solutions, you will be able to monitor temperature, humidity, light, movement, motion, shock, open/closed doors or windows, detecting leaks or other custom features. This device is small and comes with easy setup and a custom dashboard for up to date data analytics.
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Temperature Monitoring

Receive automated 24/7 temperature alerts to improve safety and prevent frozen water lines. 

Door and Window Status

Monitor building doors for security or other reasons including opening, closing and time tracking data.

Motion Detection

Receive alerts when locations have motion, such as remote buildings, rooms, or containers.

Humidity Monitoring

Monitor  and maintain an optimal humidity level of your property.


24/7 Alert

Receive alerts via email, SMS or by phone.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life up to 10 years

Easy Install

Small device, no wires, and quick placement for easy install

Variable working temperature

Able to operate in 0°C to +60°C temperature.

Our SmartRoom Sensor Dashboard

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