Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient Air

During a time of uncertainty, Ambient Air indoor air quality monitoring offers assurance for the workplace. Become informed on the workplace environment and gain control of your space. With our solution, you will monitor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, movement, light, VOC’s, TVOC’s and barometric air pressure. This device is small and comes with an easy setup and a custom dashboard for up-to-date data analytics.
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Carbon Dioxide

Monitor CO2 level and ensure good ventilation to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.


Check the lighting status and make all work tasks easier. Also it helps to reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor environmental temperature and humidity to adequately maintain your thermal comfort.


Monitor ambient air level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and ensure wellbeing and comfort.

Activity Level (PIR)

Detect the presence of people and monitor the activity  level in a range of 5m.

Barometric Pressure

Measure and record air pressure data and keep it in normal range.


24/7 Alert

Receive alerts via email, SMS or by phone.

Powered via USBC

USBC capable.

Easy Install

Small device and quick placement for easy install

Battery Powered Option

Option to power with 2x AA Batteries.

Our Ambient Air Dashboard

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