GPS Tracking


IoT Technology for Wireless Asset Protection

Rivercity Innovations’ theft prevention solutions give you peace of mind with real-time data and SMS text/Email alerts to protect your personal and business assets. Explore our BeeSecure branded cellular and LoRa GPS Trackers for trailers, company vehicles, ag equipment, and more. Track the location, speed, and direction of valuable assets directly from the BeeSecure App with automatic geofencing and breadcrumb mapping. Manage the safety and location of your assets effortlessly with auto-refreshing maps, an intuitive dashboard, and scheduled notifications!

GPS Tracking
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World-class IoT Technology

Durable, compact, and secure GPS Sensors for reliable data tracking and customized solutions.

24/7 Alerts

Receive alerts via email or SMS text for multiple contacts.

Long Battery Life

Up to a 3-year battery life. Rechargeable batteries for select devices.

Easy Install

Discrete size, wireless, and lightweight devices. Mount with zip ties or screw flanges for easy placement and quick installation.

Weather Resistant

Operates in -40°C to +60°C temperatures for outdoor use.

Want to know more?

Visit our BeeSecure brand for product details.