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Quad GPS Tracking

I bought the GPS after my old quad was stolen and I lost out on insurance between depreciation, taxes, insurance deductible, and insurance premium increases. Just re-assuring seeing it work in areas like that.

No Cell Service? No Problem.

I’m still very pleased with my GPS! Can’t believe how it will track my location even when I don’t have cell service or where my cell service jumps to roaming and picks up USA towers. Went down to grassland park and it tracked all throughout when I couldn’t even use my...

No Product Loss

We had a breaker being tripped and we had a cooler on the same breaker. We noticed right away and then removed the product out of this cooler, no product was lost. The cooler was then unplugged. Forgot to take the Rivercity device offline, it was sending alerts to all...

Accurate Timelines

The device is great it gives us an accurate timeline if the power goes out, to see if drugs were out of range, and the opportunity to move them. The system is very user friendly.

Impressive Device Range

Easy to install and set up. The training was a breeze and support was quick and on point, the range of the devices is impressive also some devices are very far away and between walls, shelves and many other obstructions. Was very easy to check graphs and see where the...